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Become part of the largest architecture festival in the Netherlands and reach over a 100,000 visitors from home and abroad. The whole month of June, Rotterdam is all about architecture. We invite everyone to contribute to the programme about the future of the city. Together we can offer a varied and fascinating programme accessible to everyone, regardless of knowledge or experience with architecture.

You can participate in several ways:

Organizing programme in the festival heart

A recurring part of RA Month is the festival heart that lands in a different part of Rotterdam each year. This spatial intervention forms the central heart of the festival where there is plenty to do. There is room for programming in the festival heart; we cordially invite you to organize a lecture, talk, symposium, performance, film or other event about city-making and/or architecture.

Interested? Send an email to Jamie Hornis.

Disclaimer: We try to accommodate as many events as possible in the festival heart, but keep in mind that the calendar fills up quickly.

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Participate with your own event

Are you already organizing something at your own location or in the city in June that has to do with architecture, the city or the built environment? Then you can easily become a partner of the Rotterdam Architecture Month. Register your event through your own partner environment and become part of our online community. You will then be included in our online communication whenever possible and you will always receive the latest updates of the Rotterdam Architecture Month. You will also receive an invitation for the official opening on June 1 in the Festival Heart. More information about registering an event and the conditions can be found here.

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Open Office Day

Open the door! If you are an architectural or design firm, then the Open Office Day is the perfect event to participate in. On the third Saturday in June we organize several routes to introduce visitors to innovations, experimentation and renewal in design practice. People can walk around freely in your office, or you can organize an activity such as a tour or portfolio session.

If you want to participatie, or for more information, contact Eileen Stornebrink.

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Young Talent Programme

RA Month actively involves (cultural) education and educational institutions. Besides the Jongerendagen (Youth Days), which are specifically aimed at the target group, we are always looking for places where we can make the work of students and young people visible to other target groups. We value the potential of connecting young talent with the professional world and the public. We currently collaborate with various educational institutions in and around Rotterdam.

Are you interested in participating in the Young Talent Programme? Please contact Lotte Wierikx.

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Business Partner

Would you like to join Rotterdam Architecture Month, but you do not have a concrete program in mind? We are happy to think along with you. Think of a networking event, a tour of the exhibition in the Festival Heart, or a customized program.

Inquire about the possibilities by sending an e-mail to Jolanda van Dinteren.

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Media Partner

Rotterdam Architecture Month covers extensive and in-depth social-spatial themes and topical issues in over 125 programmes in 30 days. It offers interesting opportunities for substantive collaborations with media partners and journalistic channels.

Are you interested? Send an e-mail to Daniëlle Huisman.

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